What does Unifor 87-M do?

What do we do

Employees come together to form a strong, unified voice.

Unions are best known for improving wages, benefits, job security, working hours and retirement plans through collective bargaining — in other words, sitting down with management to negotiate a binding contract. But often our work takes place behind the scenes in resolving stressful situations or simply giving you a voice to express concerns.

If work has become stressful, or even if it’s going well, forming a union might be a good fit for your workplace. Great things can be accomplished when employees come together to form a strong, unified voice.

Unifor 87-M has been doing this since 1948 when a group of journalists at the Toronto Star took the bold step of forming a union. From that initial group, Local 87-M has grown to include 38 workplaces, or units, across Ontario, in media, education and not-for-profit. Our members work as reporters, editors, photographers, sales representatives, radio hosts, printers, researchers, teachers, web developers, IT workers and more.

We are a local of Unifor, Canada's largest private-sector union, representing workers in every major sector of the economy, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, warehouse and logistics, media and more. 

The need for workers to come together to improve wages, benefits and working conditions is as strong — if not stronger — today than it’s ever been.

If you want to make your job better tomorrow than it was yesterday, contact the skilled staff at Unifor 87-M for a confidential conversation about how and why you might form a union at your workplace.

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